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Why on-demand marketing

On-demand marketing is smart, flexible and focused. On-demand is ideal for growing enterprises who are ready to invest in strategic marketing to grow their businesses and may not be ready or have the bandwidth to build an in-house marketing team. We can be your CMO or your ad hoc marketing team to help your business be successful. You get world-class marketing for less risk and expense than hiring a full-time person. Learn more and see if it’s for you.

How we work


We work with you to identify your marketing challenges, priorities and goals. We connect to your values and purpose. Together, we co-create your marketing roadmap. We execute. We measure and report results. Our weekly consultations help you be engaged and informed. Learn more about our 4 step process.

Why Viri


We are a team of seasoned marketers who know how to plan, execute and deliver results. We believe the successful small businesses of the next economy are “triple-bottomlined” and we can support you on your journey of sustainable and mindful business practices. We start from the heart, connecting to your core values, and approach every organization as a whole, taking the time to understand you, your business, customers, and competitors. We specialize in finding the right strategic leverage points in the market for maximum impact and long-term, persistent results. Learn more about our marketing solutions tailored for your success.


Stephanie is a creative, strategic thinker who provided excellent support to me and my team on defining functional excellence for the newly formed Marketing Team in our organization. She crafted an effective facilitated process that helped us think through our vision and begin to lay the foundation for establishing the marketing function as a recognized center of excellence. I was particularly impressed with the expertise around the marketing function that Stephanie brought to the work, along with her ability to understand the complex context that our team operates in.

Elaine Blatt

Senior Marketing Manager

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A portion of our revenues and time is donated to sustainability, food justice, and social entrepreneurship projects.